Do you want to work at Yoast but aren’t sure if it’s worth the commute? Perhaps you don’t want to move to Wijchen? That doesn’t have to be a problem: after this COVID period is over, Yoast will adapt to the so-called ‘Hybrid Working.’ With Hybrid Working, it doesn’t matter where you live! But what does Hybrid Working mean exactly? And what would that look like at Yoast? What are the possibilities for people that don’t live in the Wijchen-area?

What does Hybrid Working mean?

‘Hybrid Working’ is just a fancy expression that means people are partly working from an office and partly working from home. Since the beginning of the COVID period, most of the people at Yoast have been working from home. Some colleagues hated working from home, while others enjoyed it. We decided that we want to learn from all of the positive experiences we had in this COVID period. 

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One day at home, another at the office

If you work at Yoast and your work allows it, people can choose to work from home for part of their week. This could mean that someone works in the office three days a week and from home the other two days. Of course, we’ll need to align who works when, but it’s clear that working from the office every single day will no longer be the status quo!

Hybrid Working means hybrid meetings

Our company is rather large (140+ people) and with everybody ‘hybrid working’, meetings will also be ‘hybrid.’ This’ll mean that some of the colleagues will have an in-person meeting, while others will call in via zoom. 

Spend the night at Yoast

Working from home will probably considerably reduce the time you’re commuting. Above that, you also can spend the night at Yoast! There’s always a comfortable bed for Yoasters in one of our fantastic apartments in Wijchen. You could, for instance, work two days in a row at the office and spend one night in Wijchen. The rest of the week, you’ll work from home. This way, you’ll be able to dive into our fun and dynamic office culture without spending too much time stuck in traffic!

International Hybrid Working

Hybrid working at Yoast will look differently for people that don’t live in the Netherlands. For those people, it won’t be easy to spend a night in Wijchen every week. However, it will be entirely possible for people who live outside of the Netherlands to work at the office now and then: for instance, one week every three months. They are also welcome to stay in one of our apartments. It all depends on the job they’re doing and on the country they live in.

The Yoast support team also works remotely and they’re distributed all over the world. For them, we organize special YoastCamps. During a YoastCamp the entire team will travel to Wijchen at the same time. 

Yoast Days: everybody at the office

The downside of Hybrid Working probably is that we’ll never have the entire team in one place. That’s why we’re planning to organize special Yoast Days. On those Yoast Days, we’ll make sure to have as many people as possible at the office. Yoast Days should be enjoyable days with a lot of team-building activities. Days on which Yoasters can really (re)connect!

Big commute? That shouldn’t matter!

Are you considering applying for a job at Yoast? Your location should not be holding you back! We’re looking forward to your application! Check out our job openings right now. And if you’re looking for more reasons to apply at Yoast, you can find them on our benefits page.