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  • Truly optimize for a local audience you want to reach
  • Optimized address details to help people find you
  • Now comes with the Local SEO course!
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What does Yoast Local SEO do?

If you own a local business, this is a crucial moment to increase your online presence on a local level. Because now more than ever, your customers’ search focuses on local results. If you’re not on top of their search results, you’re losing customers to the competition in your area.

Stop worrying about how to get to that top position. Let the Yoast Local SEO plugin take care of it for you.

What our users say

Avatar of Sunny Choudhary

I have been using Yoast since the time we started our website. The results were just fantastic! The SEO Analysis of Yoast has really helped me on how I can improve my content. This has helped me improve the traffic on my website by 10 folds, but we started ranking on the 1st page of Google on the majority of our searches. I really thank Yoast SEO for helping me grow my website.

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Avatar of Hassan Iskandar

I have been using Yoast for a few years now, with great results and value. Lately, my website has encountered some crazy problems. I requested help from Yoast, and the support team was extremely helpful, very friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable; there is no problem that they cannot get answers and solutions. I found the Yoast support team’s attitude and dedication truly incredible and very rare. This should be the benchmark for this industry and other global organizations.

Hassan Iskandar Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy

Get started with Yoast Local SEO for WordPress plugin

Yoast Local SEO

  • Optimize your site for a local audience
  • Increase your online presence on a local level
  • Help people find your business
  • Stop losing customers to the competition
  • Easily add all your business details
$79 USD / year (ex. VAT)

Yoast Local Premium bundle

  • Be first to get new features & tools, before everyone else
  • Truly optimize for a local audience
  • Optimize your content with Yoast SEO Premium
  • Now includes FULL access to Yoast SEO academy
  • Including the Local SEO course!
  • Save big time with this bundle
$145 USD / year (ex. VAT)

Plugin subscription

  • 5 powerful Yoast SEO plugins for WordPress*
  • All online SEO courses, ranging from Local SEO to Technical SEO
  • Includes a full year of updates and 24/7 support
  • Save big time with this bundle
$229 USD / year (ex. VAT)

Let’s have a closer look at Yoast Local SEO

Find out how Yoast Local SEO helps you compete and learn about all the additional SEO features we add to your local store!

It tells Google everything it needs to know about your organization or business

Google needs information about your site in order to place you in local search results. It needs information such as: the Name of your business, Type of business, Physical location, Opening hours. But just putting this information on your contact page won’t do the trick. You’ll need this data in a specific format – Schema.org, so Google sees it on every single page.

Yoast Local SEO handles all of that for you so you don’t have to!

It takes care of your technical SEO

The Yoast Local SEO plugin lets you add all your business details in one place. It then takes care of all the needed technical stuff under the hood. For instance, the address and opening hours you add to pages are automatically output in Schema.org format. The plugin also automatically generates and adds information such as your geo sitemap and KML file to your XML sitemap. So no worries if this technical local SEO stuff sounds a bit confusing, Yoast Local SEO does it for you.

It optimizes your local SEO for one or more locations

Do you have more than 1 physical location? The Yoast Local SEO plugin optimizes your Google listing for all of them, so people see the nearest location for them in their search results.

You can also add a store finder on your website. You just need to upload a CSV file with all the details, or type them out in WordPress. And of course, everything is responsive, so it looks just as professional on mobile – the main device people use for local search.

It puts your local organization on the map

Yoast Local SEO makes it easy to define your organization type. Google needs this information to understand what your organization is about, and to correctly show your website in local search results. And no worries if you’re a niche organization running a church, park, or even bus stop. The Local SEO plugin supports all the organization types that you can think of, from A(irports) all the way to Z(oos)

It helps you create a full-fledged contact page

Your contact page will look perfect in just a few clicks! You even get an awesome embedded Google Map, ensuring that your online visitors can easily find their ways to your place! No technical knowledge is needed here. You just need to set up your Google account correctly. The Yoast Local SEO plugin also helps to automatically show your up-to-date opening hours.

Bonus: Comes with free access to the Local SEO course

You’ll also unlock access to the Local SEO course with this purchase. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to set up a winning local SEO strategy to get your site ranking among the top local search results! The engaging videos and challenging quizzes will surely get you inspired and ready to turn your website into a star performer.

24/7 Premium support

Get a whole year of premium support. Easily contact us at any time to get help, advice, or troubleshooting from our expert support team. From helping you get started with using the plugin, to expert debugging, we’re available 24/7!

You’ll need the Yoast SEO plugin (Free or Premium)

In order to use Yoast Local SEO, you’ll need the Yoast SEO plugin as well. The Yoast Local SEO plugin works fine with both the free and Premium version of Yoast SEO. But get Yoast SEO Premium if you really want to kick that competition out of the race!

Yoast Local SEO + Yoast SEO Premium bundle: best value for money!

$145 USD / year (ex. VAT)